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Our Story

I was inspired to create Rainbow Snack Co. after a moment with my daughter. I had seen my favorite childhood snack, gelatin, featured in a parents magazine. Filled with too much sugar and artificial ingredients, I wasn't comfortable feeding it to my own child. My search for a better alternative turned up empty. A gelatin snack could be healthier without sacrificing taste, color and fun and I was determined to make it that way! I set out to redefine and revive the category -- filling a void in the market for today's consumers. Thus, Rainbow Snack Co. was born. 

Before this, I worked at Google for 10 years and sold advertising to consumer brands. My favorite perk about working at Google was the speciality food stocked in the microkitchens. After becoming a mom, I left the comfort of Google to fulfill my vision of fun, healthier sweet snacks in a rainbow of colors for the whole family to enjoy. 

I named my company after a rainbow not only because my kids love rainbows (who doesn't), but I wanted to prove that food doesn't need to be artificially colored in order to be beautiful and bright. Rainbows bring so much joy -- I hope you experience the same sense of joy with our products.

- Natalie, Founder & CEO


Our Mission:

Rainbow Snack Co. is a mom-founded company that strives to make healthier sweet snacks and source our ingredients with care. We aim to provide the ultimate snack food experience - delicious, nourishing, vibrantly colored snacks that are fun like no other.